Custom Leather Work

Knife Sheaths

You paid big bucks for that custom knife, now you need a custom sheath to show it off. All hand sewn, hand tooled, finished to your specifications. Contact me for a quote 512-575-5707 or


Gun Holsters

Customized holster  - dozens of options, as with my knife sheaths all holsters are customized to your specs.

Gun leather items

Tooled Gun belt, possibles bag, bullet pouch, whatever leather item you need. in most cases I can match color and finish to your existing holster

Beer/Beverage mugs

All Leather beer/beverage mugs. for cool/cold liquids only as these are waterproofed with bees wax harvested from our own Apiary - 100% natural and no chemicals.  I offer lifetime recoating if the wax ever cracks or wears off

Mouse pads

Neoprene is nice but Leather is better.  Smooth feel of leather under your hand and the mouse glides so nice. The bottom is suede to give it a firm hold on any desk surface. custom boarders and finish available


Custom tooled Belts, Dog Collars, Horse Tack - Sorry I don't make saddles.

Custom Tooling

Having trouble deciding on the pattern? I have catalogs of work to give you inspiration. 

Choose Color&Finish

I can provide you samples of the color and finishes available. Depending on the application I have oil and water based stains, a wide variety of finishes to protect the leather, also offering acrylic painting to make the design pop.

Hand Sewn

hand sewing the leather doesn't leave foot marks from the machine, makes a stronger and longer lasting stitch as well. Various threads, colors and lacing available

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