Firearm Services

whether you just like plinking at the range, a Hunter or serious competition shooter keep your favorite sidearm safe and reliable with our professional cleaning and repair services. I also offer FFL transfers if you buy a new firearm. 

      Ultra-sonic Deep Cleaning


General care and casual cleaning usually keeps your firearm in fine working condition, but for those times it needs that really deep cleaning we will disassemble the firearm so no grime can be trapped between fitted parts. We use environmentally safe solutions in our heated ultrasonic bath that will not harm the firearm finish. 
firearm is then Lubricated, Reassembled and Tested 

       Repair or Reassemble

Did somebody take the firearm apart to clean it and now you are either missing parts or not sure how to get it back together? no worries, it happens to all of us at one time. if all the parts are there we can have you back on the range within an hour. If we need parts we have a long list of part resources that can get the part shipped overnight if needed.
Bring us your "bag of gun" and we'll get it all back together.

       Head space - Chamber Casting

did you pick up an older gun and not sure what caliber it is? does it not feed rounds very well? is the bolt hard to lock up? you need the chamber cast and check the head space because all these are dangerous conditions to ignore. Chamber casting will produce an exact replica of the chamber internal dimensions that can then be measured and determine the correct case and caliber for your firearm to fire safely.

       Trigger job

in many cases we can tune up that trigger to be a nice and smooth pull which will improve your accuracy, or drop in a complete off the shelf trigger upgrade if you wish. Will come with report on the trigger pull weight before and after

       Bolt Jeweling

Polishing to a high luster and jeweling (engine-turning) the bolt or other parts of your favorite firearm to give it a classy touch

       Thermo set finishes

I use KG coatings which are far superior to Ceracoat and Duracote. dozens of colors available. one overall color or dual-tone or stenciled art can be done. requires disassembly/reassembly


I'm not setup yet for full caustic blueing but I can touch up worn areas and nitre blue small parts.

        Cowboy Action / Muzzeloader

Certified Cowboy Action Armorer. Service for  Antique or replica firearms of 1800's

       Stock Refinishing

Refinishing, steam out dents, repair nicks and cracks,

       Stuck Bullet/Cartridge

Live or fired round stuck in the chamber? I'll remove the case or Squib (bullet didn't leave barrel), then identify why it happened and provide repair options to prevent it happening again

       FFL Transfer

Lowest price in the area for FFL transfer of firearms. only $25 for long gun or hand gun

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